Optimize Your Business, Track Your Assets, Reduce Your Costs, Manage Your Orders, Know Your Statistics

Tracking and monitoring assets for companies in the field of transport and production of concrete.

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Our Services

Keep track of your business in every situation and anywhere.Even with your smartphone you can verify your orders or check driver’slocation and delivery state.


Check in real time where are your and your Partner’s trucks. You can keep track on your workflow in a easy and simple way.


Manage all your orders easily. Get real time info or all your running orders.


Keep track on all off your client’s construction sites, including information and map view.


Optimize all of your travels. Bring the product to your clients in a fastest way.


Visualize your business health with help of our accurate statistics system. Target your business to the winning way.


Our advanced reports system will help you to control all the deliveries data.


Prepare your deliveries in advance. Our machine learning system will give some help.

Mobile App

All your business information, state and statistic in your mobile devices, anywhere and anytime.

Advanced Sensors

We provide real time monitorization of truck core asptects, such as drum rotation speed, pressure and added water.

Route Optimization

Travel from your central to the construction site via an optimized route, calculated based on traffic, toll cost and distance.

Travel Cost Prediction

Know the travel cost before it starts. We provide the cost of the toll, truck rental and driver's payment by hour.

Integrate With Your ERP

Connect your entire business in a simple way. We send and receive all the important data to your ERP.

Costumer Care

Our team is ready to help and advise you 24/7.

Adapted to your business

We have solutions for companies of any size and reality.

Trucks on the Road
m3 Delivered Today
Coordinates Stored
Fuel Cost Reduction
Deliver your product in better shape
Spend less in truck rental
Reduce CO2 emissions
Deliveries in time

Our Goals

What makes us move

Making daily routines easy.

Your business doesn’t need to be hard to manage.

24/7 technical support.

Companies can’t stop.

To know our costumers are thrilled with our solution.

Don’t let our software become obsolete.

We’ll keep on track on the latest technologies and methodologies

Bring new solutions to improve business efficiency in all sectors.

Our Team

The combination of expertise and young ideas

Programming is our passion. Making hard tasks simple is our goal. It is fun to see how complicated tasks can fit in one or two lines of code.

We produce clean and elegant code, ready to run in all platforms. There are no barriers nowadays.

Our company is the result of a large programming experience with young ideas. We dive into the state of art technologies to bring you the best solution.

We like challenges. Challenges makes us evolve and seek for knowledge.

EY "TECH YOUR LIFE" Entrepeneurship contest Winners

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